Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Composer Scrollz: The Story Behind Breezedivin'...

Peace ya'LL...
For my true Jazz ninjaz that can really *hear Jazz, you can readily discern, almost
immediately, a resemblance to Freddie Hubbard's legendary "Skydivin'" composition.  Thus, we arrive at the direct premise of Breezedivin';  A composition that was to pay a sonic homage, in spirit, to my predecessor all-the-while retaining the idiosyncratic melodic-chromaticism endemic to Wind compositions in general.  In this way, "Breezedivin'" was a most fitting title for this homage to the OG, Freddie Hubbard.


Dig dis,...
 Composition is absolutely beautiful(lemme triple back-flip onto my soapbox for a minute, Sun!).
We have the freedom to *paint sonic chroma(colors) much in the way that an artist, utilizing a paint brush, paints visual chroma.  They are one and the same with an infinite vastness bordering on the divine.  Damn, this Sake got me waxin' poetic out dis mug, but I'm sayin';  Much in the way that a *Kenshi(swordsman) can get drunk off of the nuanced dynamics of swordplay, a composer is equally enamored with the alchemy of sonic/chromatic wizardry, ya dig.  That's why we(composers) suck at being good romantic partners(ALA..boyfriends, husbands..etc...LOL);  Sheeeiiiitttt, we tryna marry deez NOTES, girl!

But enough soapboxin',...
Lemme gwan'n place a link for the aforementioned composition for ya'll ta vibe-out wit'...
Enjoy ya'll....

Sunday, September 25, 2016

SOCOM: Tactical Strike PPSSPP v.1.0.1 on Nvidia Shield Tablet (Android)

 Peace ya'll...
One time for a game that is easily one of the iLLest tactical infantry-combat
simulators ever produced.  The development team, Slant6, didn't get their
just-due respect for this game's achievement.  If you don't plan on getting a
PSPGo anytime soon then go ahead and download the PPSSPP emulator on
your PC or Android to get a crack at this game.  You will NOT regret it!
-Wind out....

Here's some theme music while you're at it:




Tuesday, February 24, 2015

For my Valkyria Chronicles II type ninjaz........

Peace Ya'LL,.... A gift for my fellow Valkyria Chronicles II ninjaz...... Below, you will find a stripped-down version of the Valkyria Chronicles II Freshman Cadet Guide. I opted to omit the story/background info(included in the original version) and simply provide a raw streamlined version focusing on the central crux of the guide which is the breakdown of the various classes and their respective sub-classes. I've copied & pasted it here but for those individuals that wish to have their own copy, I've provided a download link in RTF format as well. Enjoy...........

Download link for RTF file:

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Session Chronicles vol.1: The story behind Green Tea....

Peace ya'LL,...
Green Tea came about on a real casual tip.
You'LL notice that it sounds kind of like a jam session....and thats because it was for the most part.
Me, my manz E-Quest(Keys), and my manz Q-Burrow(Drums), collectively the Addict Merchants(AddCrew Represent), had a studio session booked on a random nite during the week.
The nite prior, I loosely sketched a simple chromatic 3-chord progression for us to fool with
during the session.
We get to the lab, setup and start sound-checkin' on some care-free shit(any musician will tell you, sometimes the illest shit pops off before the engineer even hits the record button).  Fortunately, that wasn't the case here as our engineer(whaddup Rod Nice) was recording us in mono while making other preparations(he'd always have a mic setup in an open space central to our positions just in case we started "pre-gamin").
At any rate, we start candidly improvisin' and at some point in the groove, I snuck-in the chord progression that I'd sketched the nite prior, E-Quest caught on(if you listen close at the beginning, you'll hear E in the back sayin', "keep goin',.....stay right there").

Oh,..Fa'sho! ! !

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After foolin' around for a few minutes we wrapped up
the sound-check and recorded, in stereo, the priority joints for which the session was booked but
our engineer shot us the mono recordings of the sound-check jam.  At that point, it was just bass, keys, and drums on it so when I got to the crib, I dubbed the guitar and scat-vocal over the mono recording and thus, Green Tea took shape.